Author: MCK Communications

20210225 – Office of the Grand Chief – Copy of Legal Action Against Oka and Quebec Following the Adoption of the 2020-223 Bylaw Citing the Pines as a Municipal Heritage Site

Attached is a copy of the legal action intended against Oka in order to protect the Pines and invalidate Oka’s bylaw 2020-223 that was adopted on December 1st 2020 and which cited the Pines as being a municipal heritage site.
Any constructive comments that would add weight to the legal action are welcomed, as elements can still be added.

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20210107 – Office of the Grand Chief – Tax Exoneration Status Letter for Kanesatake Members

In order to address some of our members’ concerns regarding the taxation of
goods and services delivered within our territory, we are making a letter available
to community members in order to hopefully help them assert their rights in this
Note that this letter is not to be interpreted in any way as a limitation on our other
tax exemption issues.

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