What is Land Use Planning:

Land-use Planning is the process of planning a scientific and orderly allocation of land, community resources, facilities, and services with a view to maintaining and improving the physical environment and the economic and social conditions of the community.

Land Use Planning is the cornerstone of Land Management in all FIrst Nations. In fact, the land regime Kanesatake is currently under: “Reserve Land Environment Regime” (RLMEP) requires a First Nation to begin the process of a land use plan, implement and monitor the land use plan and keep it current with full and complete participation of the community. Once this plan is achieved the First Nation can move toward a comprehensive community environmental plan. It is paramount to have the Governance of the First Nation resolved, understood and fully functional prior to embarking on these plans. 

Material previously posted under this subject have been removed, however are still available upon request to the Lands and Estates Manager.

Land Use planning starts with an overall vision for the community. It uses a comprehensive public process. It is essential that the membership be involved in the initial development of the vision as this outlines the future for the entire membership. The membership must also be involved in the identification of issues and concerns as well as the review of the option and the solutions.

To the participants of the Land Use planning initiative of the land and estates office please note that the balance of the $75,000 budget received from ISC will be deferred to fiscal year 2019-2020 and be used towards the salary of the Lands and Estates Assistant Paige O’Brien

Any questions about Land Use Planning, please direct to the future Community Planning Coordinator at the Mohawk Council of Kanesatake.

 Please visit this website regularly for further information land use planning and to participate in the live blog and upcoming announcements.